Green Tea Extract Plus L-Carnitine

- Double strength for multiple action!
- Burns fat, Controls Weight and boosts the body's health!

Green Tea extract (EGCG) TEAVIGO
Tea drinking is an age-old Chinese custom that dates back to 3000 BC. Legend has it that Emperor Shen Nung, known as the great "Divine Healer" accidentally discovered tea and it's health benefits. An ancient medical book - The Pen Tsao -even reported the medicinal use of the plant. Since then, Green Tea has been a traditional brew in Asian countries consumed for detoxification, improvement of blood flow and resistance to diseases.

Today, with the power of technology, science and medicine has extracted the major health component and active ingredient in Camellia Sinensis or Green Tea - EGCG. Further, EGCG has been purified leading to a natural compound with a purity of 90% known as TEAVIGO, proven to promote health, protect the body system, prevent disease and greatly reduce body fat accumulation and increase fat oxidation!

Rapid-Fire Health Benefits:
FITRUM's EGCG component is a powerful anti-oxidant that deactivates free radical to lessen the odds of cancer, lowers LDL cholesterol levels that reduces the risk of hypertension and prevents a wide array of disease including cardiovascular conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, periodontal disease and dental cavities among others.

Fat-Buster and Weight Loss
The EGCG component in FITRUM has been tested to enhance metabolism that burns fat, reduces body weight and exerts anti-obesity activity. Controlled clinical studies with human volunteers treated with the green tea extract high in EGCG resulted in significant reductions in visceral fat area, body fat ratio, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). An increase in energy expenditures and rise in metabolic rates speeds up fat oxidation and contributes to weight loss. ECGC strikes to strengthen the body and make it slim and healthy.

L-Carnitine; The Amino Acid like nutrient that's good for the heart and bad for the fat.
Fats that are not burned are stored in the body and this can be a major problem. FITRUM's L-Carnitine component burns fat and converts it into useful energy for physical exertion and most especially to keep the heart healthy.

Build up the health, Not the fat!
L-Carnitine deficiency are manifested as low energy levels and muscular weakness aside from mental confusion, angina (heart pain), and weight gain. Cardiovascular health also suffers a major blow if fat is stored as the supply of energy is insufficient to make the heart perform it's normal function.
Release the energy, Break down the fat!
L-Carnitine found in fitrum has a two-stage complementary action - It burns the fat then turns it into energy that the heart uses to function properly. Since the heart derives 70% of it's energy from fat breakdown, scientific studies and clinical tests prove that L-Carnitine supplement assures good weight management and healthy heart maintenance.

FITRUM is highly purified extract from the leaves of Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) in a form of fine, off-white powder. It is composed of a minimum 90% epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) plus L-Carnitine

Each capsule contains 25mg of TEAVIGO, 25mg of L-Carnitine and Lactose, qs.

3 capsules daily